Forms & Permits

Building Permits For New Homes

Effective December 1st, 2017 the town of  Seymour will only be accepting permits for one and two family homes after the builder or owner has submitted the State online permit application.

The online building permit system was developed by the DSPS to allow municipalities to gain compliance with ACT 211.

The owner, builder or agent shall complete the application form and the online building permit system will route it to the enforcing jurisdiction.

Please complete the following form:

Building Permit Form

After completion of the form you may submit your plans and other required information to me as has been done in the past.

Paul Hermes/Building Inspector

Culvert Permit

To request a permit for placing/replacing or extending a culvert in a location please complete the following form.  The form and fee is to be mailed to the town clerk.

Culvert Permit Application